Welcome, Friends!

The Butler County Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the humane care, treatment, and well-being of all animals. Membership is free and open to everyone with a concern for animals and a desire to help.

BCHS is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the humane care, treatment and well-being of all animals. The Society’s goals include controlling pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs, reducing euthanasia rates and increasing adoptions at the Greenville Animal Shelter, establishing a Second Chance (No Kill) shelter, and educating the public about animal care and responsibility. Your donations and support are helping us in all these efforts. Please spread the word about our work!

  • Thanks to your support and the efforts of our hard-working volunteers, there have been a number of significant accomplishments by our Society this year. We now have a new contact resource for your questions about low-cost spay/neuter and other pet-related inquiries. Our TELEPHONE NUMBER is 334-210-7600. Please leave a message and one of our volunteers will return your call.
  • The large new billboards around Greenville, advertising our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter program, were made possible by an anonymous donor and Mr. Bill Salter of Salter Outdoor Advertising. We also have smaller Spay/Neuter signs in various locations, produced for us by Jim Purvis of Purvis Signs. Volunteers have distributed thousands of spay/neuter flyers throughout the county. Our phone message center is receiving many calls, and we encourage you to call and make an appointment for YOUR reproducing pet to be spayed or neutered.
  • This year we established "Second Chance Rescue" under the highly capable direction of Kandys Killough, Butler County’s long-time “Pet Nanny.” This rescue program helps more local pets be adopted by offering them to specific rescue organizations around the USA. It will grow into and become our Second Chance Shelter, which will work to further increase pet adoptions throughout the county.
  • We received a $7,500 grant from the Daniel Foundation of Alabama for capital outlays for our Second Chance shelter. A portion of the money has been used to set up fenced housing for dogs being rescued.
  • Our spay/neuter programs have increased in volume, with the generous support of Dr. Josh Gardner and Dr. Tina Hays at Clay Hill Animal Clinic in Greenville, who perform spay/neuters for us each month and treat the health problems of Second Chance rescue pets. The Alabama Animal Alliance in Montgomery continues to assist us with reduced cost spay/neuters, as well. The Humane Society pays the majority of the expense for spaying and neutering all animals adopted from the Greenville Animal Shelter.
  • We appreciate your support of our fundraisers, including the popular "Dogutante Ball & Catsino Night" and "Wag & Wash." If you haven’t yet taken part in these fun festivities, please do this year!  We invite you to come by our booths at other local events such as Calico Fort and Old Time Farm Day, and see the affectionate and adoptable pets who are looking for caring owners. Visit us on Facebook and PetFinder, too. We always have pets who need good homes – won’t you adopt one?
  • Our second Pet Calendar 2011 was a great success. A wonderful collection of photos was submitted for this year’s 2012 calendar, and we hope that you’ll consider making YOUR pet a “calendar winner” in 2013.
  • The Butler County Humane Society continues a Feral Cats Trap/Neuter/Return Program under guidance of the Alabama Animal Alliance. Do you have barn cats or roaming cats that can’t be caught and put into a carrier, but you’d like to end their kitten-producing cycles? Call and we’ll arrange to trap these cats and get them spayed and neutered. We CAN help you – just call.
  • The importance of our Feral Cats program, Spay/Neuter program and Second Chance Rescue adoption work cannot be overemphasized. These ongoing efforts are making a positive difference in our community, reducing the population of unwanted animals and improving the quality of life for both humans and their pets. We hope to sponsor a strong Spay/Neuter drive for both cats and dogs in 2012. Spaying and neutering is the HUMANE ALTERNATIVE to euthanasia. Let’s deal with the pet overpopulation problem BEFORE those unwanted litters of puppies and kittens are born.
  • Many of you send donations during the year, for which we are especially grateful. As we move toward establishing the Second Chance Shelter, it will be important if you can make a pledge to donate on a regular basis, in order to make concrete financial plans for the shelter's operation. Can you give $10 a month, $25 a month, or an annual amount? Remember, it’s tax deductible!
  • The Butler County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization and your contribution is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Our funding comes solely from private donations by concerned individuals and businesses, shelter pet adoption fees, and fund-raising events. Any amount donated for our programs will be greatly appreciated. Donations may be made for all on-going projects and general needs, or specifically for the Second Chance shelter, Spay/Neuter efforts for both dogs and cats, or the Feral Cats Program.
  • Let’s celebrate the remarkable capacity of pets to enrich our lives by helping less fortunate animals. Your generosity and personal support will enable us to have a great year in 2012, and with YOUR help, we will achieve humane care for ALL animals in Butler County.